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Window shutters are probably some of the most timeless types of window treatments. Also used to regulate light flow into the living space or office, they started becoming popular after they were brought over from Spain. Apparently, it was the Spaniards’ idea that shutters are the most ideal types of window treatment any home or business can use.

To be fair, shutters are not really short of fame—that’s if we are speaking from experience. Your Home Expert can help you add that element of timelessness, aesthetic appeals and optimum functionality with a window shutter of any design. In some cases, we have witnessed, shutters were referred to as “furniture for windows”.

Custom shutters

If you want a window treatment with an element that isn’t in any other, we can help you design a custom shutter. We make it as good as the manufacturers, and sometimes work with them, especially for complete remodeling projects. We take note of the size, shape and style of your window to make the best matching shutter. If you have ideas, we want to hear them. Let’s bring them to reality.

Quality you can count on

Custom-building shutters or any other kind of window treatment isn’t the typical layman endeavor. Only professionals with multiple years of practice, like technicians from Your Home Expert, are capable of creating shutter systems that are tailored to specific interiors. We use the best materials in the market to make sure the investment lasts you years. Your shutters will be hand-finished in your variety choice.

We use the right materials

Here’s the thing about unqualified window shutter-related staff: they tend to use just about anything they can find to patch up a job. Using substandard materials affects the overall quality of your shutter and reduces its functionality. Our design experts and technicians use only paints, materials, primers and stains to enhance the quality of your shutter.

Shutter installation

Are you finally building that new home? Chances are you have a pool of potentially breathtaking ideas about window treatments. We are eager to come over and discuss the specifics, because installing shutters the right way this very first time for the building can affect how they will function throughout the existence of the property.

Repair and replacement

Yes, shutters can be repaired. If this family-themed window treatment of yours has served you for several years, you might want to give them some attention. Better still, Your Home Expert can offer you a maintenance plan for free, so worrying about the state of these shutters becomes our responsibility. If you are renovating your house or simply want to give all your windows a new, uniform and appealing look, we got you covered.

Work with us

At Your Home Expert, there are people who are really committed to helping others find the ideal window shutter solution for their home or place of business. With our professional design consultants working on your windows, rest assured that they are leaving behind an excellently done job.

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